Copies of Blueprint on File

Get copies of blueprints on file with the City of Los Angeles or Los Angeles County.

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To obtain copies of blueprints on file, all of the following must be submitted¹
  1. Release Letter from the Current Owner with a copy of owner’s ID
  2. Copy of Current Owner’s Grant Deed
  3. Release Letter from the Architect and/or Engineer whose stamp is on the Plans (Stamp and Signature of
    Architect/Engineer must be on the letter).
Status Updates

Blueprints research can take up to 30 business days and cannot be expedited.

Copies of Blueprint on File
Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy is issued pursuant to a building permit for new construction, additions, and changes of occupancy after all the necessary construction has been approved by the inspector. It is evidence that the Department of Building and Safety has determined that the construction was done according to the requirements of the code for the given occupancy to be housed in the building. Not all construction work receives a C of O, only when square footage is being added. For new construction, the C of O is automatically issued following the final inspection. For older construction, a C of O may not be on file and would require special attention (

Application for Permit

To obtain a permit, the applicant shall file an application on forms furnished by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. Once the Department of Building and Safety determines that the information on the application meets its requirements, the Department issues a permit.

Building Permit

A permit is required to build, remodel, repair, demolish, remove or move any building or structure. A separate permit is required for each separate building or structure. Examples of work that requires a permit: roofing, stucco, window, and door change-out, drywall replacement, installation of security bars, fire damage repairs, chimney repairs, and anchor bolting/bracing foundation (Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 91.106).

Plumbing Permit*

A plumbing permit is required to add, alter, construct, install, move, relocate, remove, reconstruct, repair, or replace any plumbing, rainwater piping, subsurface drainage piping, swimming pool piping, reclaimed, water piping, or greywater piping. A permit shall be required where the Department has determined that the gas piping shall be retested for the following:

  1. The system has been out of service for a period of one year
  2. Where the Department had determined there is system leakage creating an immediate hazard to persons or property (Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 94.103.1).
Electrical Permit*

An electrical permit is required for electrical wiring. No person shall install, alter, reconstruct or repair any electrical wiring unless a permit has been obtained from the Department except as provided by your local city code (Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 93.0201).

Mechanical (HVAC) Permit*

An HVAC permit is required to install, alter, repair, relocate, replace or add any heating, ventilating, or air-conditioning equipment. A permit shall be obtained for all heating, ventilating, air-conditioning or refrigeration equipment or other miscellaneous heat-producing appliances moved with, or installed in, a relocated building in the City (Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 95.0112).

Sewer Permit

Sewer Permits are issued to private individuals or contractors to connect to an existing house connection sewer or to facilitate the construction of a house connection sewer.

There are two types of sewer connection:

  1. Property Line Connection: (requires Building & Safety inspection)
    This may be a new connection or reconnection to a house connection sewer located at the property line.
  2. Main Line Connection: (requires Public Works inspection)
    This type of connection is required when the house connection sewer extending to the property line does not exist. To extend a sewer line from the property line to the City’s main sewer, a bonded sewer contractor must perform the work (Los Angeles City – Department of Public Works – Bureau of Engineering).
Grading Permit

A grading permit is required to import or export any earth material to or from any grading site. A grading permit is also required to perform any grading within areas within areas designated “hillside” (Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 91.106).

Plot Plan

A plot plan is a scale drawing of your property that shows the size and configuration of your property and the size and location of manmade features (building, driveways, and sidewalks) on the property. Plot plans show what currently exists on your property as well as physical changes you wish to make.

Parcel Profile Report

A report that displays the zoning information for most parcels within the City of Los Angeles that can be identified by address or property tax bill number.

Range Files

Any violations/order to comply on a property. Violations within the last 12 months will not be on file.

Geology/Soils Report

Reports approved by the Grading Department

*Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical Permits are only available from 1985-1990 and 1997 to present