Building Permit Research Professionals

Our Mission

Permit Report is a service that searches for, and pulls, existing building permits that are on file in various local government agencies. The information contained in these reports consist of building permits, certificates of occupancy and other types of permits and property information. We pull this public information, compile it and create an electronic report which then gets sent to you the customer.

Permit Report will not interpret the actual permits or other information contained on the report.; we simply provide an easy means of obtaining public documents. However, we are commited to customer service, and thus are available to answer questions based on the searching and pulling of the permits on a specific property.

Our Story

Permit Report was created out of the growing need to have a standardized way of providing real estate buyers, sellers, and agents information about construction and/or remodeling permits associated with real estate property. We have found that there has been an increasing number of lawsuits against agents and sellers who do not provide permit information on their properties. We are committed to providing fast, accurate permit reports, as well as great customer service.

Permit Report takes the place of the traditional permit search. A permit search is done to find available permits and documents created during the course of construction or additional work that may have been done after the initial construction. Most permit searches are done at a local municipality. 

A permit search can only recover permits and documents available at the applicable public agency. The Permit Report’s search may provide incomplete or ambiguous results due to the age of the home, differences in how the jurisdiction maintains and files permit and construction information. Permits can be lost, misplaced, or even disgarded. With these potential limitations in mind, the Permit Report provides all building permits, mechanical permits, electrical permits, plumbing permits, and certificates of occupancy documents our search obtains for the subject home. This information can supplement the information provided to you by a home inspector, the seller, real estate agent and your own experience.