Here's what's new!

We changed this up a bit, but we’re making your Permit Report experience so much better!

Our Website

Welcome to our new and improved website.
We still offer the same great products and friendly customer service, we've just updated our looks!


We wanted to make everyone's experience way better, so we had to start over.
All clients, whether existing or new, must create a new account.

If you are an existing client, don't worry - we still have records of all your orders.
They won't be displayed on your new account, but if you need any records, we'd be happy to provide them to you. Just send us an email at with the request for your records.

The Order Process

It's still the same.
Log-on to your account, choose the research you'd like us to conduct, and select any additional research. Then fill out the order form and provide us with all the property information and any notes that will help our search.

The Payment Method

This process has changed.
Customers are now able to pay with a credit card at the time of checkout.
The card won't be charged until the report is complete.
After the payment is received, the report will be available to download directly from your account.

Status Updates

We're delivering our reports as fast as we can.
Residential Reports within the City of LA are estimated to take 2-7 business days.
Commercial Reports within the City of LA are estimated to take 3-10 business days.
Due to the pandemic RUSH requests are not accepted at this time

Any Residential or Commercial Report outside of the City of LA are estimated to take 5-14 business days*.
*Refer to the California Records Act for more information.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We'd be happy to help!